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 Ushers Ministry

Usher Leadership

Usher Ministries Coordinator: Carol Underdue

Vice-Coordinator: Doris Mosby

Secretary: Francine McLean

Vice-Secretary: Vacant

Chaplin: Antonio Barnes

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission

Statement Of Purpose

From Whence Came Ushering

Usher Ministry #1

Chairperson: Linda Edmonds

Co-Chairperson: Alfreda Chandler

Second Sunday Ushers

Chairperson: Doris Taylor

Co-Chairperson: LaVerne Taylor

Usher Ministry #2

Chairperson: Helen Wilkins

Co-Chairperson: Audrey Villines

Fourth Sunday Ushers

Chairperson: Antonio Barnes

Co-Chairperson: Anthony Taylor

Youth Ushers

Chairperson: Shirley Jeffers

Co-Chairperson: Garry Fleming

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